Rapid Thermal Processing System

Rapid visible/IR light heating for lab-scale samples



RTP-1SX is a tube furnace with irradiation heating of samples and low heat capacity body, facilitating rapid heating and cooling of samples. The heating temperature and time can be set, and the atmosphere can be controlled, i.e. inert gas or vacuum. The irradiation is provided by maximum 4 halogen lamps, each 1000 W. The trapped light inside the tube provides high energy concentration for rapid heating of samples.



  • Heating rate up to 900 °C/min
  • Max temperature up to 700 °C
  • Easy replace of heating elements
  • Heating in controlled atmosphere (RTP-1SS) or in vacuum (RTP-1SV)
  • Selection of heating power up to 4000 W


Technical Specifications




Furnace structure

Double layer aluminum casing with air cooling

Heating Elements

1000 W halogen lamps (4x)

Dia. = 10 mm, L=190 mm

Standard working life: 2000 hrs

(halogen lamp is consumable)

Heating zone

150 mm length with 100 mm constant temperature zone within ± 5° C uniformity

Working Temperature

< 700 °C (Prolonged heating may increase the walls temperature)

Max heating rate

900 °C/min

Cooling rate

Max 250 °C/min

Temperature control

PID controller

Quartz Tube

Quart Tube Size: 38 mm O.D
(36 mm I.D) x 225 mm Length.

Sample holder

Optional: Graphite sample holder for samples not larger than 1.4 cm in size.

Max sample size

14 ×19 mm2 ( for direct use without sample holder: smaller than quartz tube diameter)

Electrical input

220 VAC, max 4200 W, Single phase  (WARNING: Current  A at max power)

Circuit breaker: 220 VAC, 25 A

Safety switch 220 VAC, 25A

Vacuum input flange



Gas input flange




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