Hall Effect and Sheet Resistance Measurement System

AC magnetic field Hall system for low noise measurement



HSR-24AC is a measurement system on carrier density, mobility and resistivity of semiconductor wafers and films. The main advantages of HSR-24AC is the AC magnetic filed, and a unique high-sensitivity, low-noise electronics that makes it possible to measure very low hall voltages. HSR-24AC can be used for metal films, TCO, organic and inorganic semiconductors, in various applications such as LEDs, solar cells and electronic devices. With this system measurement of very high resistivity films is also possible.


  • AC applied magnetic field
  • Unique electronics for measurement of very low signals
  • Suited for high resistivity films as well as low resistivity films
  • Bench-top and small-size


HSR-24AC Technical Specifications





Maximum field intensity

1 T (peak to peak)

AC field frequency range

0.01-10 Hz

Minimum measurable Hall voltage

10 nV

Maximum surface resistance of sample

10 GΩ

Current Source

10 nA-1 A

Voltage measuring range

Hall unit

30 mV-1 V (8

Four-point resistance unit

30 mV-1 V (8 steps)

Maximum compliance voltage

100 V

Sample size (max.)

20 mm × 20 mm

Standard module temperature

Room Temperature

Pole dimension

48 mm × 50 mm

Air gap at room temperature

10 mm

Input voltage

200-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz






How It Works:

Samples can be in the form of wafers or thin films. In the standard van der Paue configuration, for a sample of typically 1 cm in size 4 point contacts at the corner are created. It is very important to make the ohmic contacts. For the hall measurement, a magnetic filed is applied perpendicular to the sample, a DC current is passed through the crossing contacts and the hall voltage is read across the two other contacts. For sheet resistance, the current passes through adjacent contacts and voltage is measured at two other contacts.

HSR-24AC automatically changes the magnetic field direction (through AC field), and measures 6 different input-output configurations to remove DC offsets and other sources of error, to calculates the right values of hall voltage and resistivity.



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